Choosing a Reliable Demolition and Clean Out Specialist

August 22, 2023

Reliable Demolition and clean out services can (sometimes) be hard to come by, that's why Maryland chooses Sanford & Son.

From the early-planning stages, to contracting, Sanford & Son Demolition Specialists are here to provide all around demolition and hauling services for Maryland. For any new property owners planning a property clean, or reconstruction, here are a few steps to take into account when it comes to choosing the right demo and clean out specialists.


In the beginning stages, you'll need to take note of what needs to be demolished and cleared. Communicate to your potential demolition and cleanout specialist early on, to make them aware of the workload and any potential hazards that surround the structure. Here is a list of early factors to take note of in the beginning stages:

House dimensions: Find out the exact square footage of the structure you're having demolished

Materials used: It is important to know exactly what materials were used to build the structure. This is to ensure the demolition job is performed properly, in a safe work environment.

Foundation: Are you planning on keeping the structure's original foundation? If so, make sure the foundation is healthy enough to re-use post-demolition.

Access: Macke sure the structure you’re planning to demolish isn’t too close to another structure. If another structure could be affected, it could hinder the demolition process.


Before choosing your demolition and clean out specialist, it's important to collect as many estimates as necessary (2-3 should be enough). Estimates are determined by the specialist's experience, customer reviews, schedule of the project, and cost expectations.


Make sure you hire a licensed professional. Click here to learn about Maryland's state licensing laws, and make sure your specialist's is up-to-date. If their license number is not listed on their website, it's a red flag. Be sure to understand how important it is that you have a legitimate and insured professional working under the proper Maryland demolition and cleanout guidelines for your estate cleanout and junk removal.


Sanford & Son advises all home and property owners to carefully read and completely understand the contract before signing it—And don’t be afraid to ask your contractor for clarification, if necessary. The contract should outline the exact work that will be handled, the equipment/materials that will be used, and a timetable/payment schedule.


Monitor the progress of your project. Regularly check in to see how everything is progressing, to ensure the project will be completed on schedule.


Make sure to keep a folder containing all important papers and documents regarding your project. We recommend taking before, during, and after photos of the site/project. Documentation including the contract, invoices, receipts, photos, and any other documentation of communication between you and the professional.

Take these steps into account before choosing a demolition and clean out specialist. Take it from us as; Sanford & Son Demolition Specialists—We are Maryland’s go-to for reliable demolition and hauling services. From the early-planning stages, to contracting, our experienced professionals are here so property owners no longer need to spend hours trying to make their commercial or residential property clean and clutter-free, when they can just let us take care of it for them. Click here for your on-site quote today!