Call a Pro

March 15, 2017



Every proud homeowner lays claim to their castle; their abode; their casa – and with meticulous care, we do what we can to spit-shine our little corner of the American dream with each project we tackle. However, there are many projects that should be left to a professional despite your best efforts as a do-it-yourselfer. As we turn the corner into spring, the projects start to stack up, the gloves go on and the trash cans come out. Before you dive head first into a project that may become a bigger and messier project – take a moment and consider the differences between hiring a pro and going solo:



On the good side:

On the bad side:

Hiring a professional

  • Saves time

  • Trained and experienced staff

  • Manpower advantage

  • Availability for any project

  • Disposal of all materials are easier and included in the total price/quote

  • Can cost money

Doing the work yourself

  • Pride of doing it yourself

  • Can save money

  • Work can be dangerous and cause injury

  • Your time is limited

  • Some projects are out of your league

  • Larger projects may require more manpower

  • Projects can last longer than expected

  • Disposal of certain materials can incur more costs and travel


With the help of this table, you can quickly see the inverse relationship between working with a professional and going solo. The plusses far outweigh the minuses when working with a professional and the opposite is true when doing the work yourself. Now consider the range of services available at Sanford & Son Hauling – which you might not have known were available:

Demolition: This includes kitchens, bathrooms, any interior room, drop ceilings and carpeting – and anything in between!

Removal: We can remove a range of different structures, including garages, sidewalks, porches, brick/concrete structures, sheds, decks and swing sets.

Excavation: To remove or make way for a new patio, foundation or sidewalk, Sanford & Son also offers bobcat and mini-excavation services.

There’s a lot of summer and fall coming, so before you jump headlong into spring – do yourself a favor and call the professionals and let us help you enjoy your castle!