Choosing the right Demolition Contractor in Baltimore

September 22, 2022

Are you looking for a top-rated demolition contractor in Baltimore who can get the job done fast, efficiently and right? As a demolition company that has been around for over 25 years, we know that there are some honest contractors but also some fly-by-night individuals who leave customers feeling frustrated and ripped off. 

Using our experience and knowledge, we will help you identify the right demolition company or contractor for your upcoming project. 

By following our guidance you can skip the hassle of calling a bunch of contractors who can’t help and have confidence that the decision you make is the right one. (Or you can skip the hassle of researching altogether and simply give us a call)


Understanding the Different Demolition Services

As you explore different demolition companies you will find that they may have different services. Some demolition companies specialize in commercial demolition, others are only capable of doing light residential demolition. 

Not knowing what the various services are can lead you to call company after company until you find someone who finally provides what you need.

Below is a list of demolition terms to help you better understand what various companies are offering. 


Structural demolition

This service includes tearing down complete buildings or specific structural components of a building. This can include house demolition, digging up foundations, barn demolition, pool removal etc.


Selective demolition

Some jobs require a more delicate approach. When you need to carefully demolish something in order to preserve the materials or to work around other structures, you should consider selective demolition. Perhaps you are adding on a section of a home that requires demolition of a wall but you don’t want to damage the rest of the home. Or, you want to reuse the building materials so you choose to carefully remove rather than demolish the whole thing. This is a great service to choose.


Interior demolition

Anything that involves non-structural demolition of a building’s interior is considered interior demolition. Gutting houses, removing flooring, knocking down walls, and other projects of this nature fall under this service. 


Construction Clean up and Hauling Services

Some demolition companies can help clean up the mess that they didn’t make. Construction and demolition projects always create a mess that the everyday person can’t always clean up themselves. That’s when a construction clean up and hauling service comes in handy. With services such as these, you can have building materials, debris, trash and other clutter cleaned up and removed from the project site.


It’s also important to consider whether the companies offer residential or commercial services or caution that they only provide “light demolition.” This will help you identify if they are capable of doing the job at hand.

Understanding the various services can save you time by finding the companies that offer the right services and ignoring the ones that don’t. This way you don’t have to spend time and energy contacting companies who can offer you the services you need.


How to choose a qualified demo contractor in Baltimore

There are many handymen who do demolition on the side and demolition contractors who say they can “do it for cheap.” Hiring one of these contractors can save you a buck up front but can lead to larger issues down the road. 

Demolition is a dangerous job and must be done with precaution. This is especially true when electricity or toxic chemicals are involved. 

To ensure your demolition job is handled properly we recommend finding a contractor with the following qualifications:

  • Licensed

  • Insured

  • Professional

  • Experienced

  • Safety Oriented

Demolition is more than swinging a hammer or knocking down buildings with an excavator. It takes careful planning and preparation before the demo even begins. Once the demolition process begins, it takes careful procedure to ensure the job is going according to plan and there are no blatant safety concerns. It’s also important to note that the job is not done once the structure is demolished. A good company will ensure that the job site is cleaned up so the customer is not left with a mess on their property with no way to clean it up.

When someone is not qualified to do the job they can cause damage to surrounding property or worse injure someone. This can cause you to have a bigger problem on your hands. 

A qualified contractor will ensure the job is done right and in the safest way possible.

Find someone you can partner with 

One final tip for finding and hiring a demolition contractor is to find someone you can use time and time again. Think of a demolition contractor like a good plumber. When you have your person, you call them again and again because you know they are someone you can trust and it saves you from having to hassle with finding a new company everytime you need something demolished or removed. 

If you find a handful of potential good companies and you can’t decide who to choose. Then think about your future needs and find out which company can not only meet your needs now, but who will also be a valuable asset down the line.


Getting quotes from Baltimore demolition companies

Once you’ve found a company you believe can handle the job at hand then it’s time to call for a quote. 

Depending on the job, a demolition company may be able to provide you with a quote over the phone or they may be required to come out to the job site to see what needs to be demolished before they are able to provide you with an accurate estimate. 

At Sanford, we provide our callers with honest answers and quotes as soon as possible. We know you don’t want to sit around waiting for quotes but we also know that when you receive a quote it should be fair and accurate.

So, when you are ready for a quote, pick the top company you’ve found (or the top 3 you’ve found) and give them a call.