Demolition and Cleanout Services for Office Buildings in Maryland

July 25, 2022

Commercial real estate is constantly going through renovations and updates. Whether a business needs to update its facilities, or the property is exchanging hands, there are many services that should be considered to ensure an updated facility. 

Demolishing structures, cleaning out old furniture, or prepping the building for renovations. We have the services to make sure your commercial office facility is cleaned up and ready for future renovations.


Cleaning out and cleaning up an office

We get many requests from businesses in the Maryland area who have unwanted items or furniture they no longer need. Over time furniture and appliances become outdated, and offices get cluttered with unwanted items. Eventually, office managers decide they need to “spring clean.” Sometimes this is due to the purchase of new furniture and equipment, other times it’s simply because too much junk has piled up over time. 

When these situations arise, a cleanout and hauling company can step in and provide various services. 

Interior cleanouts

One service businesses can benefit from is interior cleanouts. Cleanouts allow businesses to have all their old furniture and unused property removed and hauled away. No matter if your company has outdated signage, broken chairs, or old swag you can no longer use, it can be cleaned out and hauled away. 
At Sanford and Son, we don’t just throw away all the contents we haul away. We try to donate as much of the contents as we can. 


Exterior cleaning

The interior of a commercial building is not the only place that can become cluttered and in need of some hauling services. The parking lot and exterior property can become cluttered as well. Trash, yard waste, old structures, construction debris, old signs, etc. can all build up decreasing your office's curb appeal. With an exterior or lot cleaning service, an office's property can become free of all unwanted junk.  

No matter if your office needs to declutter, clean up the property or get rid of the old to make room for new, cleanout services can help.

Demolition services for an office

Commercial demolition is something that all businesses eventually have to deal with. Whether they are looking to renovate, update their facility or provide accommodations for a new business moving into the space, demolition is an important part of creating an ideal commercial space.

Here’s what commercial property owners may want to consider.


Interior demolition

For most offices that want to renovate or update the inside of their office, interior demolition is required. Interior demolition can consist of demolishing parts of a building to update the individual spaces or gutting the whole building for a complete renovation. 

It's important to hire an expert as they will know what walls and structures can safely be demolished without causing damage to the rest of the facility. 


Light demolition

Some offices want to undergo relatively small changes but don’t have the time, energy, expertise, manpower, or desire to do the work internally. They may have smaller demolition needs such as cabinet or flooring removal, sign removal, or dismantling old office furniture and hauling it away. Depending on the project, these jobs tend to get done relatively quickly and may cause little interruption in daily operations.


Exterior demolition

Of course, there’s more to a commercial property than the interior of a building. Many commercial spaces have signs, fences, and other structures on the property. Often times we will get called in to demolish old fences, signs and buildings so that a business can rebuild a better structure or to renovate the property. These jobs often greatly improve the curb appeal of an office and make room for new structures to go up.


Total Demolition or Full Tear Down

Many commercial real estate deals happen because someone wants the land and not necessarily the outdated building on it. Sometimes Mother Nature is brutal and causes serious damage to buildings. In situations like these, the best course of action is a full tear down. 

This is what people think about when they think of demolition. Tearing a building down from top to bottom so that the land can be used for something else or to rebuild a new and improved facility. 


Whether there's inside or outside, if something needs to be taken down then there is a demolition service for it! 



Need demolition and/or cleaning services in Maryland?

When it comes to demolition, cleanouts and hauling, you want a company that can do the job right. While there are many companies in Maryland that offer junk removal or demolition services, there are few that do both. Businesses may also run into handymen who say they can do the job but may not have the experience or tools to get the job done right.

When looking for a local company to help take care of your needs, make sure that they are experienced, licensed, insured and have the means to get the job done efficiently.