Downsizing Mom and Dad… We Can Help!

January 23, 2020

We recognize that helping a parent downsize, or move into senior living, might be overwhelming at times.  It’s sensitive and emotional, especially if they’ve lived in one place for a long time.  It might even be your childhood home.  It’s essential to get things done efficiently while maintaining everyone’s dignity in the downsizing process.  Sanford and Son Demolition and Hauling can help you when you’re ready to start this CleanOut and help your parents with this transition.  We can help you complete your cleanout quickly and efficiently.

Starting the Downsizing Process

Go room to room with your parents, understanding what they absolutely must take with them.  Gently remind them that the contents of a four-bedroom home will not fit into a one- or two-bedroom apartment or senior living apartment.  Take notes and help prioritize.  Start thinking about what’s going to be left.  Will you donate it, give it to a friend or relative, or does it make sense to hire a company like Sanford and Son Demolition and CleanOuts to remove unwanted items from the house?

The Day of the Moveout

If possible, move your parents and their selected items to the new location before you start downsizing their property.  If this isn’t possible, plan on spending the day away with them.  This distraction enables Sanford and Son to work efficiently and protects your parents from the emotional impact of seeing the remainder of their stuff disposed of.  Think of it as a gentler downsizing experience.

After the Clean Out

One of the most significant advantages of using Sanford and Son to help you with this life-changing move is that we don’t stop working after the cleanout is done.  We keep working until the floors are swept and vacuumed and the yard is raked up and presentable.  If you are selling the house, we can do your moveout cleaning, handyman repairs, caulking, and painting.  Need some landscaping done to get the house ready for the market?  We can help with that too!

The Total Solution

Unlike most “junk removal” or hauling services, we are committed to serving you until the house is ready for sale.  We can help you prepare the property so that it can sell for top dollar!  You don’t have to hire a lot of different contractors and manage appointments with them.  Using one service for this downsizing project ensures the best use of your time.  We recognize that you’ve got your life to live too!

At Sanford and Son, we realize that downsizing can be a traumatic family project.  Our customer service policy stipulates that we take good care of you and provide the best possible experience.  Our continued business depends mainly on word of mouth recommendations.  We strive to delight every customer and would love to add your family to our list of satisfied clients.

If we can help you with parental downsizing, cleanout, hauling, or any significant family move, please contact us and let us give you a free estimate for your project.  We welcome every opportunity to serve you and to help bring about a smoother transition for everyone involved!

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