February - The Month of Love

February 5, 2018

Garage Clean Out

The valentine gift that keeps on giving and won't break the bank!

February is the month of love!  Everyone has the same challenge...keeping our loved ones happy!  Whether your garage needs to be cleaned out or your shed is a death don't want your significant other reminding you of those tedious tasks!  Give the gift of love in the form of a "honey-do-list" this year for Valentines Day!  Well, it may not be the most romantic thing to do, but it will be the most practical thing you could buy and make a big impact.  

Simple things you can add to your honey-do-list that won't break your back or wallet!

  • Garage Clean Out ...we know you hate this, but so you can hire someone like Sanford :-) 
  • Empty the Storage Locker that you have been paying on for years
  • Change out the air filters
  • Replace those annoying light bulbs in the fridge
  • Dust the fan blades
  • Defrost the deep freezer
  • Empty the Dishes without being asked
  • Fill in the holes by the fence so the dog doesn't get out again
  • Grab your WD-40 and hit all the hinges in the house

Whatever your list looks like, we hope this helps you get your own list started and put a smile on the face of your loved one!  Happy Valentines Day from Sanford and Son.