Garage Clean Out Testimonial

April 9, 2018
Garage Clean Outs Helps Injured Husbands!

Rest up husbands...we can do the garage clean out while you are on bed rest :)

Today we heard from one of our customers!  We can't thank them enough for their kind words!  We were able to help Michelle with a garage clean out by removing junk while her husband wasn't feeling well!  We are helping people all over the state one garage at a time!  When it comes to garage clean outs, the main thing to remember is that we aren't just throwing things away; it is all about treating a garage like our own.  We go into a home to certainly "remove junk", but the real service is organizing and bringing balance back to the homeowner so they can focus on life.  We can come to your property and assess the amount of time, what valuable items need to be cared for, when do you need to have it done and most importantly, we can make sure the garage is left in a way you can enjoy it again!

Michelle of Pasadena Maryland, had Mark from Sanford Hauling and Demo come to do some junk removal in their garage, while her husband was on the mend.  Michelle was able to give us a call and found that we showed up on time and were able to take care of EVERY part of garage clean out with minimal input.  Her husband was thankful for all the work we did and most importantly for him, it was done in the time frame he needed it to be done by.  Please listen to Michelle's customer service review of Sanford's Junk Removal services.  So glad we could help...Contact us so we can remove your junk you!

Garage in need of a clean out.  Full of Junk for removal.  Pasadena Maryland