Interior Demolition: An Inside Look

June 3, 2019

When it comes to reliable demolition, not all demolition jobs involve taking down entire structures.

For most people, when the word, "demolition" comes to mind, they think about sledgehammers blowing through drywall and giant buildings collapsing--leaving a huge cloud of smoke and dust to hover over nothing but a pile of debris. Although all of that is a big part of demolition work, Sanford & Son Demolition Specialists are here to tell Maryland estate owners a little bit about interior demolition and why its necessary.

Interior demolition, despite focusing on specific parts of a structure, is still a full-on demolition job. Typically, demolition services are needed within spaces inside a structure to prepare the structure for an interior overhaul.

Interior demolition services handle a lot of interior wall, ceiling, and floor removal. With the kind of selective demolition that interior demolition offers, contractors can easily-remove old outdated pipes and other utility appliances from a structure, and replace them with new piping and utility appliances. When it comes to salvaging a structure after it undergoes major fire or water damage, interior demolition might be required to make the proper repairs and to remove debris that’s harmful to breathe in--this type of interior demo work is common for older structures especially in need of selective demolition.

Think of how common it is these days to drive through a developing part of town and notice another ivy-covered, abandoned old structure that has been converted into a craft brewery or a new apartment complex. As the trend of turning old run-down eye-sore structures into cool new hangouts continues to grow, next time you see it, you'll know that interior demolition is a big part of what made that redesign possible.

When it comes to our demolition services, its not all about structural demolition, or tearing whole buildings down. Sanford & Son are Maryland's demolition and debris removal specialists, which means we value providing demolition and junk removal services as safely, efficiently, and cost effective as possible. From residential light demolition, to large-scale industrial demolition, we do it all.