Not All Junk Removal Is for the DIY Handyman

January 6, 2020

Sometimes, it’s best to just call your local junk removal professionals.

Junk removal is fun. Very fun. At Sanford & Son Hauling and Demolition, we find junk removal so fun, that it’s one of the main services we provide. However, we are certified professionals—so when it comes to residential junk removal from your home or property, it’s important to realize that junk removal is not always a project for the DIY handyman.

Here’s Why:

Organization Always Gets Overlooked

The most important part of planning out a junk removal project, is organization. The average DIY handyman might think that all he needs to do is rent a dumpster over the weekend and call a few of his buddies over. It’s not that simple. Although junk removal might sound easy enough in the beginning, but without a well-planned strategy, a simple project could turn into an unorganized, energy-draining mess. Without an organized strategy, the average handyman is likely to find himself and his buddies carrying loads of junk into different piles without any real idea of what to do with the different piles, or how to dispose of the junk.

There Will Always Be Too Much Junk

You have no idea how much junk piles up when prepping for a clean out and junk removal, unless you’ve been through enough of them. The average DIY handyman hasn’t. When starting a DIY junk removal project, you can never anticipate all the junk that accumulates from anywhere from the basement, to the attic, or even the garage. Renting a dumpster is a good move, but without an idea of the amount of junk that needs to be removed, the average DIY handyman might find himself needing a larger dumpster or overpaying for a larger dumpster than necessary.

It Will Always Take Too Long

A specific timeline is key for executing a successful junk removal project. The average DIY handyman can plan a timeline, assign roles to his “crew”, and even write out a step-by-step process, but what sets him apart from the professionals is the ability to stick to a timeline. Sure, setbacks can come up during any project, no matter who’s working on it. But the average professional has completed plenty of these jobs before and know how execute each step quickly and efficiently, sticking to the timeline better than the average DIY handyman. Professionals have the necessary tools and experience to complete a junk removal project with very little wasted effort. The average DIY handyman tends to take up more time and spend more money than originally anticipated.

It’s Just Dangerous

Sure, the more dangerous a DIY project is, the more fun it sounds. But take it from us, it’s better to just call up the professionals when you don’t have the right equipment, an experienced team, or time to waste.

We’d hate to hog all the fun of your junk removal project, but we’d also hate to see you end up in a body cast. As certified professionals, you can count of the team at Sanford & Son Hauling and Demolition to take on any junk removal project as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more about our cleanout and hauling services and how it can save you some trouble.