Relatives coming for Thanksgiving? Call a junk removal specialist today!

November 15, 2017

For some, Thanksgiving is their favorite time of year – filled with preparations, school events, shopping, cooking and sometimes, heavy travel – which means your house is about to be invaded. Whether you’re having a few guests or a dozen, now is the perfect time to scramble and call in the junk removal specialists to help.

In addition to the inside cleaning, there’s plenty of work outside to get done as well: raking leaves, cleaning gutters, turning over the garden, pulling in the hose, shutting off the water, cleaning out the garage/shed – it’s no small task when combined with the work needing to be done inside.

Stop and take a breath. While you focus on the easy stuff, the junk removal specialists at Sanford & Sons can do the dirty work for you:


Often times a forgotten space, attics tend to collect old decorations, clothing and items not in regular use. Attics (especially those with only a pull-down ladder) are often harder to access on a regular basis – it’s a treasure trove of ‘things not in use’ which makes it the perfect place for junk removal specialists to start!


“Just put it in the basement and we’ll deal with it later.” Opposite of the attic, basements are very easy to access quite frequently – doing laundry, storing food, cleaning supplies, etc. – and have the opposite effect. ‘Cleaning it later’ is an easy cop-out, but in reality, it seldom happens. Let Sanford and Sons help clear out that basement!


Attached or detached – it doesn’t matter. Most likely, you’re at that curious seasonal vortex in time that lands between using the lawnmower vs. the snow blower, rakes vs. shovels, and hoses vs. salt. For many, this time of year means it’s time to pull everything out of the garage and get ready for winter. And most likely, your garage has collected some older items, project leftovers/scraps, etc. and a junk removal specialist can approach your garage along with that cluttered attic and basement!


Sheds have some a long way – no longer the tiny tin shack with just a few rakes and shovels inside. Some sheds can be considered small garages – measuring as large as 20x20 – which means the homeowner now has 400 more square feet of storage, as well as 400 more square feet of clutter.

Junk has a way of finding its way into your home and never finding its way out! You’re smiling, because you know it’s true. Everything involved with hosting a holiday is tough enough and a junk removal specialist can make quick work of your entire home in short order. Help is just a phone call away – hurry, Christmas is already on the horizon!