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September 27, 2021

Simple and Effective Steps to Demolition Cleanup


We know that demolition is a messy, dusty, noisy, and dangerous business! We also know that an effective cleanup is a crucial part of the whole process. We believe that proper planning and regard for safety are vital throughout the demolition and the cleanup process, and follow these essential steps to streamline your cleanup process:  


Plan your demolition cleanup carefully


At Sanford & Son, we handle demolition and demolition cleanup projects of all shapes and sizes speedily and professionally, whatever might be involved. We plan the cleanup along with our thorough initial assessment of the job and what demolition method(s) we’ll be using.  

Our cleanup will obviously depend on what kinds of materials we'll be working with, and the amounts of debris that the demolition project will generate. Planning the cleanup effectively is essential right from the word go, because some clean-up methods might not be feasible with some types of debris.  

We also always take safety into meticulous consideration and plan accordingly. This will not only apply to factors which affect you, your employees and your building, but also the safety and health of our crews. 


Protect the surrounding structures and environment


We fully appreciate the importance of this step, and our measures to do so will depend on the project and cleanup at hand. In most cases, particularly if we’re demolishing a part or some parts of a building, other parts of the building will need to be protected.  

This often involves setting up tarpaulins to prevent dust and other debris and contaminants from getting into the rest of the building. Controlling the dust might also involve the use of fans, sprinklers, atomized sprayers, and water hoses. 


Sort all the debris carefully


The debris generated by demolition can cover a vast range of materials. We regard sorting as a vital step in the demolition cleanup process as much of the waste generated can be recycled. Nowadays recycling is simply a no-brainer business-wise, a moral imperative and often controlled by law.  

The debris from a demolition site might include old machinery and equipment found in industrial buildings, masonry, wood, glass, insulation materials, plastics, iron, steel, reinforcing, tiles, carpeting, fixtures, plumbing items, furniture, etc. etc. the list is virtually endless, and much of it is valuable.  

Our demolition cleanup will therefore require a significant workforce, which is what we bring to it. Our cleanup crews are supplied with whatever tools and equipment they need, such as wheelbarrows, personal protective equipment (PPE), sledgehammers, etc. to do the sorting well and efficiently. They are all properly trained to handle any equipment used in this process properly and safely. 


Debris removal and recycling


Once all the debris has been sorted into the applicable categories, we start the removal to the relevant locations. It is often possible to recycle some of the materials on site. The rest we haul off to the appropriate recycling facilities and suitable legal dumping sites and landfills.  

At Sanford & Son, we take your demolition and demolition cleanup very seriously. We bring a highly professional approach to every job, no matter how big or small. We are committed to fair dealing, reasonable pricing, and will give you value for your money. We personally assess and supervise every job, with close attention to detail and any complexities and special circumstances that may pertain. 


Need assistance with demolition cleanup?   


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