Spring Cleaning: When Demolition is Necessary

April 16, 2019

When it comes to Spring cleaning, don’t be afraid to go all the way--Maryland’s demolition and clean out service professionals are here to help.

As a trusted name in Maryland cleanout services, the team at Sanford & Son knows that demolishing a building, large or small, isn’t easy. Spring cleaning is fun, but when it comes to thorough Maryland junk removal, it requires careful planning from clean out specialists for the most reliable demolition work, possible.

After a full assessment of the structure and surrounding workspace, comes the question; is demolition necessary? Whether it's residential or commercial, the planning phase is one of the most important parts of demolition. Every demolition job needs to be approached with caution and full understanding of the structure, its surroundings, and potential safety hazards that come with it.

New Buildings & Eliminating Safety Hazards

When a new structure is built to replace an old one, additional construction space might be required. Part of preparing space for building a new structure comes from demolition and cleanout specialists removing previously existing structures—commonly old abandoned buildings that haven't been regularly maintained. Nearby fire hazards and explosive fuels are other important factors to consider, as most fire and safety hazards come from other nearby structures that may require selective demolition, for handling dangerous debris.

Damaged Structures

There are many reasons why a demolition job is necessary. As experienced Maryland hauling and demolition specialists, one of the most common requests for our demolition services is to take care of structures with pre-existing damage. Sometimes, when a residential or commercial building endures damage, it's easier to repair it by starting from scratch. Meaning, demolishing the rest of the damaged area and clearing the space for construction, is how to set up a damaged structure for repair. That is where Maryland's demolition and clean out service professionals come in; to finish the original damage, and provide a full service debris removal that will create the required space for repairs.

Expanding a Structure

When expanding a structure, partial building demolition might be necessary. Partial demolition alters certain aspects of the building's foundation and surroundings, such as; chimneys, walls, overhangs, and dividers. Older structures normally require pre-demoltion in order to build additional space, in a secured area to prevent injury, property damage, and utility service damages on underground plumbing and electric utility lines.

If you want to go all the way with your spring-cleaning, don't hesitate to reach out to the team at Sanford & Son demolition to handle your demolition project. We provide full service junk removal, so you won't have to worry about dangerous, leftover debris. Although demolition may sound like a fun process, demolition work involves complicated logistics and can be a dirty and dangerous job. Visit us here for more information on how we can handle your demolition job in the Baltimore, Bel Air, and Annapolis area.