Top Tips for a Home Clean-out or Demo

April 15, 2016

Though Sanford & Sons are experts on demolition, hauling, and clean-up, we know it can still be a laborious and overwhelming process deciding where to start. For our clients cleaning out their property, estate, or sheds, we’ve compiled a short list of helpful tips to give you a head-start.

1. Declutter the Clutter: Whether you’re a daughter or son, homeowner or executor, it helps to make sure you’ve gone through everything and taken what you want. This helps ensure nothing gets lost or misplaced, and that personal items and valuables have been set aside for safekeeping.

2. Leave Space: Give us plenty of room to work—we’re extremely careful but would never want something to be damaged. Can’t move it yourself? We can move it for you!

3. Aftereffects: After going through everything, leave what you want and we’ll take it from there. We recycle 50% of removed content, avoiding the landfill whenever possible. Discarded items may be shredded, donated to Goodwill, or given to a charity of your choice.

4. Turn It Off: We will double-check as well, but confirm before demolition that your power has been removed or disconnected to the structure in question.

5. Lost and Found: Can’t find what you’re looking for, like a wedding album, memorabilia, or even a will? Make a list of what you’re looking for and we’ll make the effort to find it.

Check out this page for more information on our home clean-outs, or visit here for details on demolition. Have any question? Please give us a call at 410-746-5090.