Why Hire Demolition and Junk Removal Specialists?

February 24, 2019

In Maryland, junk removal and debris clean outs are for the pros to handle.

Almost everyone has a hammer, gloves, and a friend with a pickup truck. That doesn't mean it’s a good idea for almost everyone to take care of junk and debris removal after a demolition job, all by themselves. A job like that is for Sanford & Son Demolition Specialists—central Maryland’s most trusted names in demolition and junk removal.

Sanford & Son Demolition Specialists are here so you don’t have to remove all the junk debris by yourself (and possibly dent up your friend’s pickup truck in the process). When you go with junk removal specialists like Sanford & Son, not only are you getting top-notch customer service, you’re getting convenient, safe, and reliable service from premier clean out specialists. Here, we will break down the benefits of hiring junk removal specialists for your next big demolition and debris removal job.


All that time and effort that comes with cleaning out, loading up, and hauling off, can be a larger and more involved process of disposing of demolition debris and junk. Also, a job like this isn't usually a quick "chore" in the process of demolition and junk removal, it can potentially take up an entire day—wasting time that could be better-spent taking care of other important post-demolition tasks.

Health and Safety Hazards

Depending on the load of debris, just simply moving it can create too many health risks. Cuts, strains, and other injuries happen more often than non-professionals might think is even possible—especially when it's possible that some of those materials they are handling may be hazardous, and may require certain handling or notification from the department of toxic substances.

Reliability and Efficiency

As we mentioned earlier—when it comes to demolition debris and junk removal, there is more to it than just throwing stuff into the back of a pickup truck, and hauling it off to some local landfill. Not only is this method not very cost-effective, but you could run into some deep legal trouble, depending on where you are and what you’re disposing of. When you hire professionals, you get a team that takes all legal matters into account, to make sure all debris is properly disposed, with the environment in mind.

Peace of Mind

Central Maryland needs demolition and clean out specialists that provide efficient, safe and eco-friendly junk removal services. At Sanford & Son, we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about the cleaning up and junk removal part of the demolition process--that is why, no matter what stage of the demolition process, our team of professionals ensure that all debris and junk is properly taken care of--so you don't have to worry about it.

Sanford & Son Demolition Specialists take great pride in our comprehensive and reliable junk removal, clean out, and demolition services. We turn any commercial or residential property clean and clutter-free, because that's how specialists get the job done. We are open seven days a week, from 7am -7pm. For a free estimate, give us a call at 410-746-5090, or visit us here.