Your Guide to Estate Clean out

September 28, 2017

Estate Specialist – proper estate clean out tips

The estate clean out process can sound incredibly daunting at first. Losing a loved one is hard enough, so going through everything they own has to be even more painful, right? Cleaning out an estate can be broken down into manageable portions and completed without causing an incredible amount of stress. There are even parts of the estate clean out process that are rewarding and gleefully sentimental. Since this is not a process anyone has to go through regularly in their life, many often ask how they start this process. How do you start to clean out the estate you are now responsible for? We have complied a list of tips on cleaning out an estate to help you get started:


  1. A Simple Start: Call an estate clean out service to help you get started. Give us a call at Sanford and Son. We can guide you through the process with an approach widely sought after over our competitors.

  2. Sorting Is Key: Separate everything into wide categories. Make trash piles, clothing piles, décor piles and memorabilia piles.

  3. Find Those Documents: Search until you find all of the key financial documents you may need. Make a list first if you must so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

  4. Pay Attention: It does not hurt to be meticulous during this process. We have been through this process before. That being said, we have seen people find treasures in the strangest of places. Antique earrings or an important set of letters might be hiding in a pillowcase in the back of a desk in a closet. Leave no stone unturned no matter how tired you are – you might thank yourself later.

  5. Hold On to Stuff: Do not be afraid to keep things that hold sentimental value to you. Keep the things that will truly bring you happy memories. Gather all of the most important things and share them with other family members.

  6. Let Go Of Stuff: Not everything is necessary. Letting go can be especially hard after losing someone, but it is also essential that you carry on with the one you lost in mind. Holding onto everything they owned does not bring them back. There are ways to remember them fondly on a regular basis without keeping every single thing the once owned. Go at your own pace when going through their things, but do not feel bad for parting with things that are unnecessary. 


Hopefully these tips can be of use to you as you start to sort through the estate you are now in charge of. Feeling overwhelmed is all right, as this is a big job. Do not feel like you have to rush! Follow the steps above and take it one day at a time. If you have more questions or just want to hear more, call us here and Sanford and Son today. We are always here to help.