Start 2019 With Maryland’s Most Reliable Demolition Specialists

January 24, 2019

Knock it down and clean it out with Maryland's most reliable demolition specialists, and say goodbye to 2018.

Welcome in 2019 and leave 2018 behind--As part of our standard hauling and demolition process, we’ll knock it down and clean it up for you. Sanford & Son's demolition and junk removal services are here to help property owners throughout Baltimore, Bel Air, and Annapolis, in every phase of an estate clean--as reliable demolition specialists, we will take care of all debris with our removal and hauling services.

If demolition work or an estate clean is long overdue, now is the time to get started on it. From homes and offices, to any other residential or commercial property, whatever you need taken down and taken out, we'd love to help. As the most reliable name in Maryland demolition, requesting our services will allow you to focus on other important things gong into the New Year--like what to do with all the extra space on your newly demolished and cleaned-out property.

The team at Sanford & Son knows their way around a demolition project. We have decades of experience in gutting entire luxury homes, office buildings, retail space, and warehouses. Whatever we can take down, we can clear out.

With extensive experience in demolition work, we know how to perform complete interior demolition, properly and safely--and remove all kinds of old, unwanted, or decaying structures.

Maryland's most reliable demoliton specialists provides services such as:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • HVAC appliances and Plumbing
  • Kitchen and bath appliances
  • Above and in-ground pools
  • Barns and outbuilding
  • Guest houses
  • Sheds, decks, porches, and fences
  • Wood floors, carpeting, and tiling
  • Garages
  • Mobile homes and trailers
  • Landscaping, sidewalk and driveway
  • Additional services include:
  • Cleaning yards and lots
  • Vacuuming
  • Landscaping
  • Miscellaneous yard work
  • Miscellaneous handyman repairs
  • Painting
  • Caulking
  • Boarding up windows and doors

Sometimes, a thorough demolition and cleanout job performed by a team of reliable demolition specialists is just what the client needs during a tough time in their life. Unfortunately, our services aren't always requested under the lightest of circumstances--often when a family member passes, a business closes, or when a family splits up--But starting off the new year with a fresh demolition and cleanout could be the best way to begin 2019 on a positive note. Click here for more information on our demolition and cleanout services.